Vale Tudo

Nearly nine decades of the Gracie challenge have honed a fighting art that is unmatched when it comes to real-world fight situations. Time and time again, the superiority of the Gracie style has been proven in real fights and in minimum-rule fight events throughout the world.

Gracie techniques are based on leverage, torque and balance. When performed correctly, Gracie techniques can allow you to overcome much bigger and stronger opponents. They make up a self-defense system that has been proven to work for everyone in real life attacks.

Carley on Mat, SD seminar


Training Includes:

  • Escapes and Defenses
  • Stand-Up Fighting
  • Take Downs and Throws
  • Ground Fighting
  • Chokes and Submission Holds
  • Knife & Weapons Defense
  • Kicking Techniques
  • Fitness and Conditioning
    .....and much more!